Picasso Café Bar & Restaurante

Everything you can imagine is real… Bringing our community together inside Coronado for fresh, natural ingredients, personal experiences, music and love!

Picasso gives a whole-lotta soul to the beautiful area of Playa Coronado. We are committed to always providing fresh ingredients, personal experiences, music and love to our fabulous friends, neighbors and visitors in this wonderful community. Our motto is: Everyone welcome and anything goes!

We are a health-conscious bunch, committed to fresh, locally sourced produce, all MSG-free dishes, and an unrivaled menu of homemade delicacies catering to early-birds, later-night-owls, salad-fiends, wood-burn-pizza-fanatics, curry-fans, sandwich-lovers, fish-seekers, dieters, big-eaters, vegetarians and vegans.

Contact Details
The corner of Avenidas Punta Prieta & Eisennma
Tel. +507 345-3777

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