My Floating Oasis

Construction, Home and Garden

My Oasis is a Panamanian company specialized in manufacturing luxury floating structures. We believe in innovation and created a new way of enjoying the water with privacy and comfort.

My Oasis Floating Lounge is a luxury and eco-friendly water innovation designed to be self-sufficient, modular, easy to transport and maintain. They are made out of quality treated pine wood and/or marine grade aluminum and we offer different sizes and customization options. All our Floating Lounges are warrantied for 10 years or more.

Modular Building Panama

Architecture, Construction, Home and Garden

Construction with technological progress and savings.

The manufacture of a traditional house takes between 6 months and a year approximately; In addition, the use of materials with environmental impact and the expenditure on labor and energy is uncontrollable.

In Modular Architecture, we think more than in building, we think ecological, in comfort and durability at the time of manufacture. We generate culture for the investor to take advantage of all the benefits that a modular home can offer.


Home and Garden, Retailers

Luzdecor is one of the largest lighting companies in Panama City. We have all available technologies and can find the right mix of solutions for any space or situation. We import and export lighting fixtures through the Colon Free Trade zone, and can provide any level of quality merchandise; high-end one of a kind pieces, to large volume solutions for construction projects.