High Profile Coaching

Business Services, Personal Guidance

Guided achievement in business, philanthropy, fitness and life – we’ll help you get where you want to go. Professional coaching has many benefits, such as gaining a fresh perspective on personal and professional challenges, clearer vision of short and long-term goals, enhanced decision-making ability, greater interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence. Those who undertake coaching also can expect appreciable improvement in productivity, greater satisfaction with life and work, the achievement of goals, and often healthier lifestyles (both physically and psychologically).

In-Person in Panama City & Online via Skype / Website

Island Property Management

Business Services, Personal Guidance, Property Management

Welcome to Island Property Management

Many Panama property owners are not close by to protect their investment, but we are!

Our goal is to provide assurance to property owners that their investment is being maintained and managed by an honest, ethical, & organized group.

Before we moved to Bocas and started Island Property Management, we too were absentee owners. Through this experience we found out how frustrating it can be to try and manage an investment from abroad.

We quickly learned the importance of having a management group that understands how to provide a strong line of communications, reliable services, and an honest work ethic.

Under these ideals, we began Island Property Management.

Panama Expat Help

Personal Guidance

We can help with virtually any of your needs or concerns when you are considering becoming or currently are an expat in Panama. From major items such as helping with residency, selecting a child’s school, purchasing or renting real estate, legal services, medical insurance, school enrollments, day care, etc., and other issues such as drivers licenses, license plates, auto insurance, repairs or renovations, furniture purchasing and delivery, automobile buying, cable and internet installation, translation and interpreting, and more! Jay Arias will be able to help you with all your needs big and small.

Lane & Medina Panama Property Management

Hotels and Accommodation, Personal Guidance, Property Management

Lane & Medina Panama Property Management operates from Playa Venao, Province of Los Santos, and Municipality of Pedasi.

A legal services company, with exclusive work for foreigners. We “guide” foreigners through title search, purchase/sale; the morass of permits- permissions required for owners, taxes, social security, plus others. We generally Administrate their assets in Panama.