Coco Hill Restaurant & Accomodation

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The dream is to create an organic food forest filled to overflowing with fruits, nuts, vegetables & herbs that supply our Vegetarian/Vegan restaurant.  We cook food that nourishes both your body & soul. Food that is made with love.

Eat with us.

What we don’t grow, we buy from local organic farmers. We don’t have a menu as such, we just prepare each day what is growing. So everything is fresh, fresh, fresh!

Stay with us.

We have 4 cabins. Breakfast is included in the price of each room: fresh tropical fruit, coffee/tea, fruit bread or pastry, homemade jam, and Vegemite (for Aussies).




The Haven

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The Haven Hotel & Spa is renowned for quality & service. We offer a range of treatments for instance:- deep tissue massage, relaxation massage, aromatherapy massage, facials, body exfoliation & more. Our natural health center offers such treatments as :- physical therapy & more. Plus yoga & pilates in our Yoga Studio. The Haven facilities are state of the art and maintained to a high standard. The staff are well trained and most of them speak English.

Coraly Styles Salon & Spa


Our goal at Coraly Styles Salon & Spa is to provide our clients with discreet, exceptional service, with a friendly disposition, clean, comfortable environment, and all in a professional salon atmosphere. Our technique is fun and painless, we love to keep our clients at an exceptional comfort level.