1 April 2017


La Chica – Living A Life Of Discovery In Panama – A Style to Remember


Ngobe-Bugle clothing is particularly striking.  On my first visit to the local town I couldn’t help but be amazed by the array of colours.  Both the women and young girls wearing the same style of dress, often on a daily basis.  I contemplated purchasing one for myself and enquired at a number of stalls.  Prices varied between $35-45, depending on the style.

I ended up purchasing a headband, with full intentions of making sure that one day a dress does becomes part of my wardrobe.

I tried to find online what information I could about the origin of the clothing but unfortunately there was not much information available.  I did find something on Wikipedia which stated in basic terms that traditionally the Ngobe wore loincloths and it is believed that the women began to wear these Naguas around the 1960’s.  It is also widely believed that perhaps missionaries introduced the clothing for humility sake.  The classic pattern on the clothing is said to represent mountains, animal teeth, the flow of the river or dragon scales.

Definately interesting.  However I would prefer to understand the origin of the clothing direct from one of the Ngobe women themselves.  But first I need to improve in speaking Spanish.  Something I am keenly working on. 🙂

Disclaimer: All information on this page is for entertainment purposes only.

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