1 November 2018

La Chica – Living a life of discovery in Panama – Fruit of the Tropics


One of the pleasures of being in Panama is the joy of getting and eating fresh fruit! Oranges are a common fruit that grows everywhere here, so it’s easy to find a sack of oranges for only $5 and we enjoy daily doses of freshly squeezed orange juice.

Many fruits I had never tried before, or even heard of. I was already familiar with papayas, passion fruit, pineapples mangoes, and depending on who is classifying coconuts.

Although the taste I was familiar with was not at all in comparison to the fresh tropical delights of sun ripened fruit. Not the typical fruit that I used to buy in the supermarket back home, stored for who knows how long until it reached the shelves.

Many of these fruits are known to have the additional benefit of being rich in nutrients and antioxidants, which of course apart from the taste is always an added bonus.

Now I enjoy regular fruit feasts of carambola, nance, soursop, mamey, rambutam and I look forward to the possibility of trying many more.

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