1 December 2017


La Chica – Living a life of discovery in Panama – Ahhhh Coffee!


Who does not like the smell of freshly brewed coffee? I would often enjoy the smell, even more than the actual taste!  I would favour the odd drink every now and again, but I never had the craving that I often see in others.

That was before I tasted freshly ground coffee, prepared in my own kitchen. It took a few buys, but we now have our favourite Panamanian coffee beans that we grind as and when needed.

The best quality of coffee in Panama is grown in Boquete in the Chiriqui Highlands which has the perfect altitude and climate for growing coffee.  It is also host to the annual flower and coffee 10 day festival held in January. This has been a Panama wide favourite for many years.

There are many coffee farms in Panama, (fincas in Spanish). One of the highlights for many tourists visiting the Chiriqui region is the opportunity to have a tour on one of these plantations.

For a holiday feel visit Finca Lerida. Not only does it have a coffee farm, but also a hotel and a restaurant and the gardens are beautifully maintained. http://fincalerida.com/

Bajareque Coffee House, an artisanal roasting business operated by the Lamatus family, sells coffee internationally.  So you can continue to receive your favourite coffee wherever you live. https://elidaestate.com/collections/all

Panama produces less than 1% of the worlds production of coffee. However it is well known for many varieties, and particularly the coveted Geisha, which has an Ethiopian heritage. I came across the following article while researching about Panama’s coffee producing history. It’s an interesting read.


For a coffee lover, Panama could be considered a coffee paradise and I have become one of the converted.

Disclaimer: All information on this page is for entertainment purposes only.

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